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Cairns, North Queensland is amongst the top 10 fastest growing towns, cities and regions in Australia and one of Queensland’s fastest growing regional centres.


For the first ten years, I would work alongside Ramon on the renovations and upgrading the properties. There would be no hair, no make-up - I drew the line at giving up the fake finger nails even if they did get covered in paint constantly.


Lots of people think that Ramon and I are different to them, but the reality is we are no different to you. Lots of people say we were at the right place at the right time - well that could be true to a degree, but 100,000 other people are in Cairns at the same time.


It has been an incredibly long journey for the past 16 years ago. If you had of asked that young secretary walking down St Georges Terrace in Perth all those years ago where she would end up - I bet she wouldn't have said "Oh I'd love to be a Property Manager."



We arrived into Mission Beach in 1999 and lived on our Catamaran in the North Hull River at the bottom of our two acres of land. We had been travelling for the past few years, and could be best described as "asset rich, cash poor". By this, we had a house in Perth and two small units - all mortgaged with the rents just covering the expenses. We had some equity, but by no means could be classed as RICH! It is scary going to the supermarket and hoping that there is enough money to pay for the groceries.


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