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We arrived into Mission Beach in 1999 and lived on our Catamaran in the North Hull River at the bottom of our two acres of land. We had been travelling for the past few years, and could be best described as "asset rich, cash poor". By this, we had a house in Perth and two small units - all mortgaged with the rents just covering the expenses. We had some equity, but by no means could be classed as RICH! It is scary going to the supermarket and hoping that there is enough money to pay for the groceries.

We bought a Queenslander and had it brought down to the block and stumped up high so we could enclose it. Whilst we were trying to get finance of $50,000 to buy this house, we went to all the major banks. The one we were with said that if they put the application in, based on our past earnings they would look to recall our existing loan for the block. The bank we are with now actually declined - I am sure the manager at the time couldn't stop laughing at the poultry amount of money we had lived on for the past two years. Yes, this is the same bank we now owe the debt of a small nation to.

About this time our next door neighbour mentioned that she had just bought a unit in Cairns for $32,000 - as they say the rest of this part of the story is history. Each time Ramon and I had the money saved to do anything to the house it went on a deposit for another unit. We lived in this house for at least three years pretty much the way it was when it was stumped on the property – and basic would be an understatement

For the first three to six months we didn't even have stairs going up to the first level - it was a ladder – try dragging your groceries up the ladder! We used the original kitchen, our built in wardrobe consisted of two plastic one inch pipes hung from the ceiling with ropes, we had all the second hand furniture from the units and the highlight was when two years into living there someone gave us a second hand gas hot water heater.

One night we came home from Cairns to find a card tucked into the trap door above the stairs - we didn't feel it was really necessary to lock it up as what did we have they could steal? It was from a Policeman in Tully asking us to call him back. We had been reported into Crime Stoppers as someone couldn't understand how we were buying all these properties with no real form of income - so we must be dealing drugs or something like that. The lovely Policeman explained that he had to investigate each allegation, but he had been to our house and had a good look around and there was no way would be living the way we were if we were making lots of money illegally!

We bought our first bedsit unit in September 2000, and although it has been a huge sacrifice to keep buying I can honestly say we would not be where we are today if we hadn't of invested in property. The next myth to bust is we now live in a big mansion that is beautiful. We have a very basic pole home, and we have honestly done nothing to it in the eight years we have been here. I have only just managed to get my office set upstairs and in a nice environment. Our bathroom window leaks, the oven is on its last legs, the whole place needs to be repainted, the decks need oiling (managed to do it once in eight years), we need to enclose downstairs - oh the list goes one. One of my clients recently made a lovely comment that is so true - we are like a carpenter with a chair that has only three legs. The moral is that we are so busy looking after our investments, the tenants and your properties that our stuff comes last.


Other than property investment, Property Ladder Realty Directors, Linda and Ramon Tuck s passion is their active involvement in local animal protection and assistance organisation such as YAPS, ASDOGS and Guide Dogs Queensland.

Linda and Ramon Tuck support animal welfare organisations such as YAPS in many ways. It was their initiative to provide a lasting legacy for the struggling not-for-profit organisation by building and organising placement of donation boxes at the major shopping centres throughout the Cairns Region. These donation boxes are now a regular source of supplies and additional monetary donations from the generous Cairns community.

Any donation, whether it is your personal time or monetary assistance, is always so greatly appreciated and makes a significant difference to the day-to-day running of these essential community charities.


YAPS Animal Refuge Shelter rescue dogs and cats in Cairns Queensland Australia. YAPS Boarding Kennels are the biggest and best in Cairns. They re-home abandoned, abused and unwanted animals. YAPS protects many cats and dogs until the right families come along, some live out their days with us as permanent guests and all facilities run successfully because of dedicated staff, volunteers, supporters and members.

View Property Ladder Realty Director, Linda Tuck s YAPS support letter about their personal YAPS experiences


Formed in 2000 in Mareeba, North Queensland, the Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (NQ) Inc [ASDOGS (NQ) Inc] is an organisation dedicated to the training and promotion of accredited Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities.

ASDOGS( NQ) Inc. is a charitable organisation, established to train and provide Assistance Dogs to help people with disabilities to achieve a greater independence. Training standards are those set by Assistance Dogs International, the governing body.

For as little as $1.50 per day, you can fully support an Assistance Dog Puppy. This donation pays for all the puppy s requirements such as food, heartworm medication, flea control, vet care, training, coats and treats outings and recipient training. There are many other ways you can help. Visit for more information.


Puppy Guardianship Program - share the journey with a litter of puppies as they grow and train to become Guide Dogs.

Join Guide Dogs Queensland s Puppy Guardianship Program today and help them transform adorable puppies into Guide Dogs. Puppy Guardianships are also a unique and ideal gift for a friend or family member. All donations are tax deductible.

Did you know it costs $30,000 to breed and train every Guide Dog. As Guide Dogs Queensland receive no government funding for Guide Dogs, the Puppy Guardianship Program provides vital financial support. The Puppy Guardianship Program helps them deliver the gifts of mobility, independence and freedom to Queenslanders with low or no vision. There are various levels to choose from.

Join Property Ladder Realty s Directors, Linda and Ramon Tuck and sponsor a litter today, every donation helps Guide Dogs Queensland achieve their annual goals.

Why investing in Cairns makes sense

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A long Way from St Georges Terrace

Linda’s Love/Hate Relationship

Cairns, North Queensland is amongst the top 10 fastest growing towns, cities and regions in Australia and one of Queensland’s fastest growing regional centres.


For the first ten years, I would work alongside Ramon on the renovations and upgrading the properties. There would be no hair, no make-up - I drew the line at giving up the fake finger nails even if they did get covered in paint constantly.


Lots of people think that Ramon and I are different to them, but the reality is we are no different to you. Lots of people say we were at the right place at the right time - well that could be true to a degree, but 100,000 other people are in Cairns at the same time.


It has been an incredibly long journey for the past 16 years ago. If you had of asked that young secretary walking down St Georges Terrace in Perth all those years ago where she would end up - I bet she wouldn't have said "Oh I'd love to be a Property Manager."


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