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I love the fact that each day I have no idea what is going to happen. You can plan all you like but when that phone starts to ring it can be anything from a blocked sewer line, to tripped power. I take for granted what happens each and every day, but every so often I look back at just the day’s events and some days even I go WOW that was a day.

I hate the fact that each day I have no idea what is going to happen. When stuff goes wrong, it is normally stuff that needs to be sorted out straight away. I hate it when my brain is going into over drive trying to work out how to get a leaking hot water tank accessed to find out if it is something simple like an element seal, or if it is a burst tank, as well as an air conditioner that has stopped working, and a leaking toilet and to get it all done quickly.

I love the fact that I have learnt so much along the way and can at least get stuff assessed with the tenants on the phone so I can eliminate some things, and get them stabilised until the contractors arrive. My elephant memory allows me to remember instantly where the main turn off valve is, the isolator for the hot water tank and the where the fuse box is located.

I hate the fact that most tenants don't really appreciate how well we look after them - until they leave and then they certainly appreciate us!

I love it when a tenant rings me to tell me that they have missed the bank, and their rent will be one day late - but they promise they will be at the bank in the morning.

I hate it when a tenant is late with their rent, and by a lot and they don't even try to work through it with us.

I hate it even more when they flat out lie to us about what they will pay, knowing they won't.

I love it when a tenant leaves and we manage to get the property rented within days.

I hate it when a tenant leaves and for no logical reason, the property sits there vacant for weeks.

I love it that I am a self-confessed "control freak" and without this personality trait I just couldn't manage to get everything done the way it is supposed to be. Everything has to have a place, everything has to be done, everything has to be followed up, until it is finished it sits there in the back of my mind like a big sticky note - and boy do I have a lot of sticky notes back there.

I hate the fact I am as self-confessed "control freak". It just doesn't allow me to find the off button - ah but that is where we at least manage to find the mute button whilst on a cruise ship - did I ever mention that Ramon and I just love to go on cruises?

I love it when we rent a property and we have managed to get a rent increase of $10 per week.

I hate it when I have to do a rent review and have to contemplate the consequences of having to give Mr J in Palm Trees a rent increase. I know he is on an aged pension and scraping by, he has Cancer and that his doing his very best to still live independently.

I thing I love the most is the fact that I have such a great team that surrounds me. Without them all my job would be impossible.

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Cairns, North Queensland is amongst the top 10 fastest growing towns, cities and regions in Australia and one of Queensland’s fastest growing regional centres.


For the first ten years, I would work alongside Ramon on the renovations and upgrading the properties. There would be no hair, no make-up - I drew the line at giving up the fake finger nails even if they did get covered in paint constantly.


Lots of people think that Ramon and I are different to them, but the reality is we are no different to you. Lots of people say we were at the right place at the right time - well that could be true to a degree, but 100,000 other people are in Cairns at the same time.


It has been an incredibly long journey for the past 16 years ago. If you had of asked that young secretary walking down St Georges Terrace in Perth all those years ago where she would end up - I bet she wouldn't have said "Oh I'd love to be a Property Manager."


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