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As private investors ourselves, Ramon and I understand your desire to save on property management fees and look after your own property, particularly as you live locally. Prior to establishing Property Ladder Realty, we too looked after our own investments, as we felt we could look after the property just as well as any property manager.

We soon discovered the key to self-management is sourcing good tenants who will look after the property and pay the rent. This is the key to successfully managing your investment property.


Few tenants still use print medium for sourcing somewhere to live, especially in the past five years.

Most potential tenants now browse or It allows them to search for a suitable property, view all the images and lodge an application form from the comfort of their lounge and laptop, saving them time and petrol in the process.

This is particularly the case with properties in the mid to higher-priced brackets, such as houses and good quality town houses and units. It is easier than the classifieds, and they can find exactly where a property is, thanks to Google Maps.

This can be a real negative for private landlords who cannot access any reputable on-line real estate services as they are only available through a licensed real estate agent. It is surprising how many newcomers to Cairns search and secure a property before they arrive, having used


We understand you may not want to use a Property Manager for you rentals, but finding a good tenant can be difficult – so we’re here to help.


• We visit your property, assess potential rental and take internal and external photos;
• We list on with full editorial and all our best photos;
• We provide a weekly report on property views and potential enquiries by email;
• We complete a tenant check through services only available to licensed real estate agents, such as TICA and NTD.
• We help complete the necessary Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) forms for the applicant of your choice.


TICA and NTD are national databases which help provide previous rental history on an applicant. This is a crucial component of checking who will be living in your investment property, as applicants with a bad history (property damage or rental arrears, for example) seek out private land lords knowing they are unable to access this information. For more information relating to TICA & NTD please click here:


A flat fee of one week’s rent. There will be no further costs from Property Ladder Realty.

This rent is only payable if we find you a tenant. If you find a suitable tenant beforehand, then there is no charge from Property Ladder Realty and you continue to manage your property on a day-to-day basis.

Why investing in Cairns makes sense

Linda goes backs to the Tools

A long Way from St Georges Terrace

Linda’s Love/Hate Relationship

Cairns, North Queensland is amongst the top 10 fastest growing towns, cities and regions in Australia and one of Queensland’s fastest growing regional centres.


For the first ten years, I would work alongside Ramon on the renovations and upgrading the properties. There would be no hair, no make-up - I drew the line at giving up the fake finger nails even if they did get covered in paint constantly.


Lots of people think that Ramon and I are different to them, but the reality is we are no different to you. Lots of people say we were at the right place at the right time - well that could be true to a degree, but 100,000 other people are in Cairns at the same time.


It has been an incredibly long journey for the past 16 years ago. If you had of asked that young secretary walking down St Georges Terrace in Perth all those years ago where she would end up - I bet she wouldn't have said "Oh I'd love to be a Property Manager."


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