Over the past few years Airbnb has come into the short term letting space and created a new and unique way for ordinary investors to be able to create a higher income for their property
Airbnb is an incredible tool allowing investors to increase their income

Up until recently, when you purchased a residential property, the only real option for an investor was a long term tenant.   We will be the first to admit we were sceptical about this option and the long term potential - we have been proved wrong and this changed our personal investments and the income coming in. 

One of the most important issues for us as managers is transparency to our clients.  We set up a host profile for your property, and then send a co-host invite to you as the owner.  This way owners get to see every booking, how much it is for, the messages between Property Ladder and the guest – owners of properties always have full access to the calendar to enjoy the full transparency that is unique to Property Ladder Realty!

One of the big issues we hear from investors is all the add on fees they are charged with short term management - even after the management fee is paid.  We decided to make things much simpler and easier to budget for our clients.

The guest will pay for a nightly fee, plus a cleaning fee.  The cleaning fee is paid to Property Ladder Realty and we in turn provide the cleaners to service the property.  Within this cleaning fee we cover the cost for all the linen to be washed, including Alsco Laundry for the sheets.  We also provide consumables such as; toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, milk, Tim Tams etc.  Compared to some other hosts we provide a lot of nice things like paper towels, oil spray even glad wrap and aluminium foil.  Again this is all covered within the cleaning fee that the guest actually pays for.

Our point of difference is not only our presentation of our properties, including the many items to make the apartment like a home - it is having a spotless property.  The time allowed for cleaning between guests is such that each time a guest arrives the property has been spring cleaned - not just dusted.  Our many reviews show that even though we are "budget accommodation" we have a very high standard of cleaning.

For us personally as investors, it is not just the higher income, it is how much better our properties are maintained and looked after.  There is a full clean between guests - and every time I go to see one it is absolutely PERFECT!

The owner of the property is responsible for paying the electricity consumed. Property Ladder Realty recommends to budget on $6 per day on average.  Our team can let you know the numbers for similar units when you choose one. The owner of the property is responsible for paying for the internet.  We connect it up for you and have an unlimited plan with speed for $69.95 per month.

When the accommodation fee is paid to our Trust Account there is an Airbnb fee that is deducted with the balance paid into our account.  Our fee is based on the net figure that is paid into our trust account.  The fee is 25% inclusive of GST.

If you do have a property that you are looking to transition to Airbnb and would like our thoughts on what could be possible, we would love to speak to you.

We have a great team that constantly monitors the messages and work with the guests when required during their stay. 

We get a lot more bookings with Airbnb for pet friendly, and a lot of repeat people coming because of our pet friendliness.

Contact Property Ladder Realty today and start planning your Airbnb investment for great returns thanks to our team.

View our link to our Airbnb profile which will show you all the properties we manage currently as well as our reviews. Our property listings are under the name of Linda, who is our Director at Property Ladder Realty.


Airbnb is very intensive and if done correctly you can enjoy many benefits
The concept of having an investment property is a great way to increase your net worth
Property will always appreciate if you manage it and maintain it accordingly - We can help
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Many of our owners are very surprised at how cost effective their maintenance program is
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