Property Ladder Realty recommends asking these questions to ask any potential property manager
We not only show the properties after hours, but our tenants know that if they have an issue, they can call any time
  • Is your current property manager a property investor?
  • How long have they been doing Property Management for?
  • Do they have a plan for regular maintenance for the property?
  • Do they know much about the tax advantages such as building depreciation?
  • Do they understand body corporate and how they work?
  • Can they tell you the last sale of a property similar to yours?
  • Can they tell you the rental of similar properties and the vacancy rates in the area?
  • If you want to speak to them outside business hours can you call them?
  • Do they show properties after hours?
  • Do they answer the phone after hours for potential tenants?

One of the biggest complaints that prospective tenants have is the ability to see the property. Most other agencies do not show after hours – and this can be an issue in renting the property quickly.
To put this to the test, try and call your current manager after hours. We can assure you that if you call us on the mobile it will be answered, and if not, we will return your call as soon as we get the message. Tenants like this and we have many that have been with us for years.
In fact, when they outgrow the current property, they ask that we find them another so that they can stay with us.

Our Fees – Flat Fee on Rents Collected

We charge a flat fee of 13.2% inclusive of GST of all rent collected. This may sound higher than what you are currently paying, but when you add in all the extra fees you may find that this is closer to 15%. The one week’s let fee is equivalent to 8 weeks of our management fee.

Many agents have chosen to go down the path of offering a small fee for management, another small fee for rent collection – and most owners think that this is all that they charge – but it isn’t. When deciding the fees to charge for our services, we decided it was best to do a flat fee that is all inclusive.
It is easy to look at this figure and believe we are higher than the others. Some of the fees the others charge over their management and collection fees include:

  • One week’s letting fee to find a tenant
  • Postage and Stationary
  • Inspection Fees
  • Maintenance Fees
  • End of Financial Year Statement Fees
  • Court Fees
  • Insurance Lodgment Fees
  • Lease Renewal Fees
  • Application Processing Fees
  • Excessive Advertising Costs
  • Refurbishment Fee
  • Fee to obtain Quotes

There are many areas that we save you money on. Our advertising cost is fixed at $38.50 per changeover of tenancy. This includes listing the property on and Should the cost be higher, then Property Ladder Realty covers the extra cost – this is not passed onto you.


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